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Kickstart your healing journey with a Juice & Bone Broth Cleanse!


You have a lot of options for how and where to buy our products. We …

“The convenience, quality and quantity of the Salt, Fire, and Time CSK is incredible! The balance, variety, and wonderful flavors are a tempting surprise each pickup and we cannot imagine our week without a trip to Tressa’s magic kitchen. This is the BEST food decision we’ve ever made.”
—Renee K. & Hugo S.

“I wholeheartedly recommend Salt, Fire & Time’s broth. Why? The broth is traditionally prepared with locally produced, high quality ingredients. It is gelatinous and stored in glass. I like that the fact that each ingredient is very carefully sourced and as cliché as it may sound, made with love. I think our community is blessed to have ready made broth of this caliber available to us for convenience. I have also experienced Salt, Fire & Time’s customer service to consistently be very supportive of me as a customer.”
— Sandrine Love, Nourishing Our Children

Transparency in food means trust. Trust is a dynamic that Salt, Fire & Time continually cultivates with its customers. For us, part of maintaining this trust means acknowledging the real costs associated with our business. The costs of offering both high quality information and ingredients can sometimes feel prohibitive to members of the community. We fundamentally believe; however, that everyone deserves access to good food and valuable information. In an effort to make our products and services available to more people, we decided to create a fund to which people can contribute that will be used to cover class fees for applicants. This is our version of a sliding scale! We welcome your involvement and thank you for being part of a generous community that can share in its abundance. If you’d like to apply or get more details, please email info@saltfireandtime.com. To donate as a sponsor, please click here.