Frequently Asked Questions:

Help! I can’t make it to the shop! Can I still get bone broth?

Of course! We ship nationally; and for a $15 fee, we deliver locally with help from our friends at Portland Juice Company. We can deliver as far as Vancouver, Beaverton, Hillsboro and Lake Oswego.

Where else can I get your products?

All bone broths and other goods by Salt, Fire & Time are available for sale online, or in our Broth Bars in Portland, OR and Olympia, WA.

You can also now find our broths at the Portland Farmers Market at Portland State University most Saturdays!

Do you use Organic ingredients?

Yes and no. This is a tricky question. Just about everything that goes into our products is at least organic. We believe in sourcing high-quality and nutrient-dense ingredients to produce the healing and nourishing foods we are so passionate about. That said, just because something isn’t certified organic, does NOT mean that it isn’t worth eating! Many farmers raise their animals under the general principles of organic farming, but simply cannot afford the costs associated with obtaining the USDA-approved “organic” label.

Chicken offers itself to us as an excellent example of the organic conundrum. Chickens raised on pasture cannot be certified organic, because their diet includes the worms and insects that chickens have always traditionally had access to. Much of the organic chicken in supermarkets is raised on certified organic grain-based feed. In keeping with our mission to provide you the highest-quality flavor, healing, and nutrition bone broth has to offer, we have made the conscious decision to choose the highest-quality bones that come from local farmers we know and trust.

Do your bones come from grass-fed animals?

Yes! All of our bones come from animals that have been allowed to eat the diet nature intended for them. They are grass-fed and grass-FINISHED. We source our bones from a variety of local farms that share our beliefs, and take pride in supporting the small farmers doing right by these animals, and our community.

How many ounces come in a container of bone broth?

All of our bone broths are available frozen in 24 oz. plastic (BPA free) containers. These are frozen fresh and have an official best-by date of 6 months from when it was produced. When thawed, it should keep for 2 weeks in your fridge.

We offer refrigerated chicken bone broth in 32 oz. glass jars. For the best broth-sipping experience, please enjoy your broth within 2 weeks of its production date or freeze for later.

Can I just freeze the broth in its glass jar?

No, sadly you cannot. We fill our glass jars to the very top, which does not allow for the expansion that happens when broth freezes. We recommend purchasing our already frozen containers if you plan on storing broth longer than a couple weeks. We also love the ice cube tray method for freezing smaller amounts of broth in easy to grab portions. Store these in a plastic bag or container in your freezer.

What should I do with broth that’s about to expire?

Drink it up quick! Alternatively, the ice cube tray method we described above might work for you (although we recommend freezing broth at peak freshness, like we do in our kitchen!) Another option could be to you can reduce it by cooking to a demi glace and reconstitute it as needed.

How do I know if my broth has gone bad?

Trust your instincts—and your nose! Bad broth will smell sour, like rotten meat or cheese. Just because you’ve passed the best-by date, doesn’t necessarily mean you have to toss that container you forgot in the back of your fridge. Our best-by date is a good guideline, but always trust your gut (or in this case, your nose!)

What’s the difference between bone broth and gelatin supplements?

Gelatin is one component of what makes bone broth such a healing food. Gelatin neutralizes stomach acid, and improves digestion and nutrient absorption from other foods; it's also a protein sparer, meaning it prevents your body from cannibalizing muscle and bone when protein is scarce.

Gelatin alone does not possess the same protein and mineral concentrations that bone broth inherently has, but it is still an excellent option when enjoying bone broth is not. While we wholeheartedly believe our bone broth is the best source of gelatin, trace minerals, and an array of specific amino acids that support healthy bodies and minds, we also understand that everyone has different needs (and that most of us are short on time!)

For this reason, we carry the highest-quality gelatin and collagen supplements available so that busy, jet-lagged travelers or vegetarians transitioning into an omnivorous diet can reap the healing benefits of bone broth’s gelatin content without any fuss or unwanted flavor. These powdered supplements make a great addition to warm or cold beverages like coffee, juice, or smoothies.*

We also recommend adding trace minerals to your diet when relying on these supplements alone, as they do not offer the same micronutrient-dense profile that bone broth inherently does! We want to provide our customers with the best options and alternatives for incorporating these healing nutrients into their diets and daily routines, without making any compromises to their health or way of life.

*For adding to COLD liquids, choose Great Lakes Collagen Hydrolysate or Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides! Gelatin will only dissolve in hot liquids; the more processed form can dissolve in either hot or cold liquids. This is the main difference between gelatin and collagen peptides/hydrolysate.

How do I use Pork Lard?

Good quality lard is one of the loveliest fats for cooking, frying, and baking. It is the secret for perfectly flakey piecrusts, and the most flavorful homemade flour tortillas. (Lard is the old-school shortening that Crisco was invented to replace!) It is a sweet, sumptuous, all-purpose cooking fat that can be used like you would any other cooking oil (e.g., canola oil, olive oil, or butter etc.) It is an easy way to make bitter greens especially delicious.

How do I use Beef Tallow?

Beef tallow is great for high-heat cooking like searing, sautéing or deep-frying.  It is rich in enzymes, vitamins and has a fat composition that makes it an amazing ingredient in natural skincare. We use beef tallow as the base for our tallow soap and tallow balm because its unique properties make it extremely soothing for aggravated skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.

Do you ship?

Yes! We ship anywhere in the United States and have even shipped internationally. We insist on 2-3 day shipping to guarantee the product arrives safely. We ship bone broth frozen in insulated containers with cold packs or dry ice.

What is the nutrition in the broth? Which is the most nutritious?

We have done nutrition panels for all of our bone broths, which you can find here. You can see from the results that the macronutrients are virtually identical across the board—the greatest variations being in fat content. Chicken and Turkey are the leanest broths, with Bison and Alpaca coming in next. Any residual fat will appear solid at room temperature and can be skimmed out if necessary (although we love these healthy animal fats for added flavor and nourishment!) All the bone broths vary slightly in micronutrients but only by micrograms, so we encourage our customers to make their choices based on flavor preference accordingly!