Broth Bar is Portland’s first dedicated bone broth café. It is the collaboration of Tressa Yellig, of Salt Fire & Time, and her sister, Katie.

These Midwestern gals have long dreamed about working together on a project that brings something wonderful to the world. The intention of Broth Bar is to offer a positive and delicious experience of daily wellness in the form of traditional foods to everyone from busy professionals and athletes on the go, to those in need of healing nutritional support. It is a place for community and education, offering high quality therapeutic bone broths with a variety of add-ons to your unique sense of what feels and tastes good.

This is a place where people can stop to nourish themselves with a warm, soothing beverage on the go, fill a growler with house-made kombucha for a picnic, stock up on some unique nutrient dense foods and supplements for the family from our grocery, and come to learn why this style of eating is worth making a lifestyle for a lifetime. We are proud that our café is inclusive to those with special dietary needs, as our offerings are gluten-free, paleo-friendly, and we are sensitive to the needs of those with food allergies.