A Trusted Tradition

Salt Fire & Time is built on the philosophy of reinvigorating old world culinary traditions and techniques to create the most nourishing bone broths, ones which are nutritionally dense and can be easily absorbed in ones body to capture the nutritional benefits. Our bone broths have the power to deliver the most functional and natural medicine that your body instinctively craves and responds positively to.

In crafting our bone broths we start by selecting the highest quality ingredients and working with partners who operate with the highest integrity. Transparency from our farmers and the ability to work closely with them in selecting only ethically raised animals allows for the best experience for the animals, farmers and our customers.

Our broths are hand made in our customized kitchen in Portland, OR. using only trusted traditions. We start by slow-simmering the bones on low heat for three full days (72 hours)... we call it “slow & low” ...to maximize the protein and mineral concentration, providing the most nutrient-dense bone broth possible. When cooking is complete, our broths are immediately packaged and frozen, capturing the nutrition in its purest form, without using heat, pressure or preservatives that can dilute or weaken its nutritional properties.

By carefully overseeing the production of every batch and by maintaining transparency and integrity throughout our process, you can trust that we are delivering to you the highest quality, most nutritionally dense bone broth available.