Butter Coffee Bundle

Butter Coffee Bundle
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For the person who is looking to elevate his or her morning coffee, here is our recipe to fuel your body and brain for the day! This is actually based on an Ayurvedic approach to soothing your body’s experience of the coffee itself – add a pinch of salt to replace the minerals, cardamom to warm digestion and a bit of fat to lube up and saturate the tissues of your digestive tract – incidentally they also make this cup creamy and delicious and a kickstart for your metabolism and nervous system!

Our coffee bundle includes a sampler pack of the finest coffee beans from Ristretto Roasters (include live link), a package of our fat bombs, and a small tin of sea salt and cardamom so that you have everything you need to make morning cups that fuel your brain and body every day!

Recipe for butter coffee:

8oz brewed coffee

1/8 tsp cardamom

1/8 tsp sea salt

1 Cocoa Butter Fat Bomb

Add all of these ingredients together, allow them one minute to melt and blend, then blend however you choose – some folks just shake it up in a thermos.


*** Set includes Ristretto Roasters Sampler Pack, 1 package of Cocoa Butter Fat Bombs, ½ ounce tin of sea salt and ½ ounce of cardamom

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