• Time For a Change

    Letter from Tressa:

    Well folks, we are making a timely decision to adjust our business model and it feels like a homecoming. As my father said, SFT has struggled for years with the history of where it began. I have always desired that this business be a comprehensive resource for the healing foods community in Portland and beyond and its always been too much. Over time, we’ve consolidated to adapt to Portland’s needs as well as our own. The last 5 years have been as much a pleasure as they’ve been a challenge in an effort to continue to specialize and streamline what we do without compromise. The truth is SFT is a simple product manufacturing company with high ideals when it comes to sourcing. Because we’ve maintained such high quality standards in our ingredients and processing, it has kept our overhead extremely high and hard to keep up with. We need to consolidate our efforts to stay afloat and this means focusing them on what we do best.

    Our specialties have proven to be the Kombucha and the Bone Broths (and Baby Broth).They are unique not only in flavor but quality – ours is one of the only whole leaf traditionally brewed Kombuchas available and I can honestly say that our Broth is not only the best quality but also the best value on the market.

    For 2 years now, we’ve existed as a retail outlet; however, in some ways we are returning to our roots as a Community Supported Kitchen and want to make the change back to a subscription based business with limited retail.  This means delivery!! We will begin by cutting our store days to ONLY Thursdays 11-6:30pm and delivering to your door on Wednesdays and Fridays each week. This option is completely FREE to you ($5 surcharge outside metro area). You can continue to  pick up at your leisure anytime at the shop on Thursdays or please patron Bambu Clinic in SW or Amenda Clinic in NE Portland  which will continue to have stocked fridges with these two sets of products.

    We want to encourage all of you to set up a continued relationship to our Bone Broths & Kombucha with regular orders. Let us come to you and make this an effortless part of your health every week! We believe these foods are part of a lifestyle of optimal health and so much more then something to lean on only in times of illness. Bone Broth is the foundation of a healthy body and the effects are felt throughout the home and community. How many of us have experienced a warm cup of broth like a warm hug? Wouldn’t you want to begin each morning like that knowing it was a hug that would improve your health throughout the day? These are the true definition of “Health Food” – one cleansing, one restorative, but both pantry staples!

    In addition, as we raise our standards for sourcing bones that are not only organic but non-GMO, we must adapt by raising the prices to a uniform $18/quart for all bone broths.  We will fill growlers and fill your own containers as well with our kombuchas as we search for a more sustainable bottling option too.

    The rest of the products will not just disappear. We will continue to make them as long as our inventory of ingredients lasts. Also, we will continue to carry the prescript assist, fermented cod liver oil, cultured ghee and gelatin. This week we will have a full schedule of store hours (Wednesday thru Saturday). Beginning June 22nd, please place orders through the website, phone or email and we will include you in our delivery route. And don’t despair about those products you love and need, I am working on a cookbook with the rest of the recipes, old and new, that you’ve enjoyed over the years so that you may enjoy them indefinitely.

    I appreciate that there may be some awkwardness as we transition and work out the kinks and we are here to help with the process. Look for changes to our online ordering system over the next month as we make subscriptions and regular orders easier for you to manage so that you can get exactly what you need. Please note, we are always open to special orders, just ask.

    Simplicity is the key to our success at this moment and helps to assure our place as a continued resource to the Portland community and beyond. Thank you for you support and we look forward to delivering our broths and kombuchas right to your door!!! Thank you for your continued support & understanding, we are learning with you all the time!!

    Best, Tressa Yellig

    Key Points

    • cutting store hours to Thursdays 11-6:30
    • free delivery wednesdays and fridays
    • uniform pricing on bone broth $18/quart
    • focusing on bone broths & kombuchas
    • all of this begins June 22nd
    • still open to special orders
    • thank you for letting us be a part of your pantry!!